We are a team made up of award winning directors, producers, animators, editors and photographers.

For nearly a decade we've developed our skills to produce stellar content. All of us have a passion for storytelling, cinema and advertising. We never settle, our ambitious nature continues to push our productions to the next level.

Director | DP
Mark Carey
  • Family of 8

  • Music Junkie

  • Weekend Bobby Flay

  • Summer Time is Camp Time

  • Golden Light Chaser

Post Production Supervisor
Cameron White
  • Time Lapse Enthusiast

  • Not 1, But 2 Middle Names

  • Loves Good Dogs           (spoiler, they're all good dogs)

  • Married to a Real-Life Artist

  • Never Cold. Seriously, turn down the heat in here.

Compositor | Motion Graphics
Cory Anderson
  • Board Sport Addict

  • Expert Nerd

  • Only Gets 1 Hair Cut a Year (same as my dog)

  • Would Live in Snow Cave

  • Tortured Vikings Fan

Video Editor
Ryland Sweigard
  • Jokester

  • Pow Seeker

  • Let's Taco'bout it

  • Always Learning

  • Ready to Go Ham

Nikki McGrath
Video Editor
  • Owns too Many Shoes

  • SpongeBob Enthusiast

  • Paints Things

  • Can't Cook 

  • Very Punny

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