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A Balance between Post-Production and Filming

This week was a balance between post production, in studio filming and some on location filming. We started our week by traveling to Carson City to film some interviews and B-Roll of this stunning new state of-the-art CBD facility. The interviews proved to be a problem but we got them done right. The problem was for the first time we had to conduct a Skype interview with the agency based in NYC. We had the bright idea to attach a mini apple box with a pin to a mini C-Stand and put our laptop on it, next to the Camera so it looked like an Natural eye line. Problem solving can be fun, please share your problems, and solutions? Maybe we can help.

After conducting the interviews we continued filming B-Roll of the Facility, but this was not your typical B-Roll session. We had to wear special jackets, hair nets and of course beard nets; being that 2/3's of the crew is bearded. Also we had to be escorted around since this is such a sensitive issue. We filmed packaging, bulk products and the coolest was the Science experiments. After seeing how much research and development goes into Marijuana products we feel at ease knowing the public is safe! How do you feel about legal Marijuana and CBD's being sold nationally?

The next day was back to post mode and pre-lighting for our special green screen shoot. We balanced out 4 videos in multiple industries ranging from Casino to Cars. But the pre-lighting proved to be a little tricky, we deployed all our lights and strobes for this one and figured out how to make our subjects look real over screen to be comped into plates we have yet to film. We decided to heavily back light the subjects and wrap some light around them to make them look god-like.

The reason we made them look god like, is because we came up with this clever concept of filming the UNR Football team and making them larger than life in stormy time lapses and footage through out the Reno-Tahoe area. The day of filming we shuffled in 10 players and the coach filming in slow motion and taking stills for multiple uses beyond this campaign. We had to pad our floors so the players could jump up and catch the ball while not slipping on the studio ground with their cleats. In the back while editing we could hear screams of "Let's Go", "Blue Forty Two" other football terms. I could not stop laughing and would have to go out and see whats going on and then help with the shoot. But keep polishing out some TV-Commercials with deadlines that day. Think you could jump between filming, stills, and post-production?

Thursday was another catch up day on post and footage review for UNR, sense they wanted all the assets ASAP. So we mixed down the good shots from 8K to 4K cause we know 8K can be tricky for some clients. But also give latitude in 4K for cropping in, etc. We also broke down all the lights and got ready for an interesting interview to be filmed at a club house in Northwest Reno.

Arriving at 8:30 AM, we deployed our lights and moved some furniture around to get the right shot, but soon realized the light coming in from a window 25 feet above us was going to peak our shot. We decided to grab the good old widow maker and throw a flag with a floppy on it to cover the light source way above us. After dialing in our lighting, audio etc, by 10 pm, we had an international phone call to the agency in Canada making this documentary; this proved to be a lot easier than Skype. Side note for future projects. We then filmed one of the most interesting interviews about Heli-Skiing in the 1970's. Wayne Wong was a pioneer in the freestyle and deep back country skiing. He still skies today! He is full of charisma and passion for the sport. What are you passionate about? Would you like to make a documentary about something special to you? Were always happy to hear ideas and bring them to life. So please share!

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